Get £10 for each friend you introduce to OddsBrothers.
    We have launched a new ‘Introduce a Friend’ bonus for OddsBrothers. If you tell a friend about us, and that friend registers and opens a new bookmaker account through OddsBrothers, we give you £10 cash. No questions asked. You can do it for as many friends as you like, and we will pay the £10 each time. What’s more, if you introduce 10 or more friends, we will make it even better and give you a total of £15 for each new friend who starts using us for their betting.
    Just send us an email on [email protected] with the mobile number and username of your friend(s) and we will send you a cheque. Pass the message on, because your friends will also be able to benefit from this offer. There is no limit to the amount of people you can introduce to us in this way, and it will provide you with some feee extra betting money.
    Your friends will still be able to take advantage of any bookmaker free bet offers, so this is a win/win all around!

    Terms and Conditions
    1. Friend(s) MUST be over 18.
    2. Your friend(s) needs to be a new OddsBrothers registration.
    3. Existing registered players do not qualify.
    4. Friend(s) have to open a new bookmaker account by placing a first bet through OddsBrothers, with a bookmaker he or she doesn’t have an account with yet.

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